Lane Kiffin

The Ole Miss Rebels are the No. 14th team in the country and sit 4-0 on the year. The Rebels’ hot start, however, hasn’t enticed its fans to quickly return to their seats following the weekly halftime break.

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin has tried to talk to fans about the issue on social media but to no avail. This week he shared his frustrations with assembled media, admitting that the lack of fans in their seats following the halftime break is something his team will have to overcome.

“When you come back out [from halftime], run out of the tunnel and it looks like a high school game, you can’t let that affect you. I’ve tried social media for two years but I’ll worry about what I can control,” Kiffin said at his weekly press conference.

The comments set the college football world aflame:

Oh no. Even Lane Kiffin is noticing the lack of fan at Ole Miss games now,” Unnecessary Roughness wrote. “The players are too. Not good, Bob!”

“Ole Miss’ fan base is in a demoralized place,” Marc Ryan wrote. “Last year they made the Sugar Bowl. That’s their ceiling in a division that has resource advantages over them. And folks were telling their best players that the Sugar Bowl doesn’t matter. Don’t play, etc.”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t blame Lane for leaving this time if Ole Miss fans don’t step it up,” Dr. SEC said. “You got a great coach and a program kids are transferring to in bundles. However, they can’t go to that next step without the fanbase reaching their potential.”

“It’s a problem in most places and the blame does not fall on the fans,” Tyler Greever wrote. “It’s not affordable to go to most sporting events. Fans know how much cheaper and more convenient watching a game from home is, especially with pretty much every game being streamed or televised.”

“If he’s looking for attendance, and fans mean so much to him, go where they always show up,” wrote Brad Crawford before adding a Nebraska hashtag.

Ole Miss fans will get their next chance for a quick turnaround at halftime when they host the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday.

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