Brittany Wagner from Last Chance U is moving on to another school.

While Netflix’s hit sports documentary series Last Chance U (which has been called “the real-life Friday Night Lights) has an upcoming second season, one of the stars of the first season has already left the school it’s focused on. That would be Brittany Wagner, the single mom and athletic instructional adviser at East Mississippi Community College.

Wagner became one of the key figures in the overall story about athletes trying to work their way to Division I football. She spoke to our Ben Koo about the show back in August, and talked about her role at the school, her history of doing this work, and how the show had changed her life. She mentioned back then that she was open to other work possibilities, and she announced on Twitter this week that she’s leaving EMCC for “another career opportunity”:

Wagner was a key figure in the first season of  Last Chance U, featured for her work with players on their grades, her overall relationship with them, the guidance she provided to them, and much more. She told Koo in August that while she loved her work at EMCC and the people she connected with, she was open to other offers:

Do I want things to change? I am open to it. I am open to opportunity. I think me saying in the show that I want to be at the place where I can impact the most people, never in a million years did I think when I put it out in the universe, think impacting students at East Mississippi Community College could impact the world. So yeah, if there is a bigger opportunity or a place or a cause where I can impact even more people for the betterment of society, then certainly I am open to it.

It sounds like Wagner has found that opportunity, and her comment about more “heart prints” to be made suggests she may still be working in the same field, or at least a similar one. We’ll see where she lands.

As for Last Chance U, it’s not clear if Wagner will be featured in the show any further. The renewal was announced back in August, so they may have been shooting this fall, but no premiere date has been set yet. It remains to be seen what the future holds for her, and for the show, but she’s certainly had an impact on the athletes at EMCC and on the viewers who have watched Last Chance U so far.

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