It’s been tradition for College GameDay’s Lee Corso to put on the mascot head of the team he picks to win at the stadium GameDay is at that weekend. Sometimes, students and fans love Corso’s pick when he takes the home team and sometimes they don’t when he chooses the visitors.

This weekend, as GameDay was at James Madison University for Villanova-JMU, Corso picked the hometown Dukes but the bulldog mascot wasn’t having any of Corso wearing an oversized bulldog head.

Imagine you’re that bulldog and you hear thousands of people yelling and a strange man putting on a big Bulldog head that’s waving at you. Sounds like the world’s best or worst acid trip (depending on your point of view) and it’s no wonder the poor dog was freaked out.

It didn’t help matters that the dog must’ve thought he was being pushed toward Corso but that was more because he was dangerously close to falling off the desk. Either way, Corso picked James Madison and the home fans hope he’s right.

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2 thoughts on “Lee Corso freaks out James Madison University bulldog on “College GameDay”

  1. It was a waste of a trip to go to JMU. They were there just two years ago. You know they have no one relevant from JMU when the guest picker is Gene Wojciechowski dressed as James Madison.

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