Former LSU head coach Les Miles was known for taking a bite out of the grass found at Tiger Stadium when he was patrolling the LSU sidelines, and he’s still willing to dine on the finest grass on the menu.

Showing there is no bitterness over his removal as head coach of the LSU football program last fall, Miles was in the stands to cheer on the LSU softball team in the Women’s College World Series. Miles is still a beloved figure around the LSU athletics program and community, so when some members of the Tigers softball team presented the coach with some of the grass from the softball field, he could not resist sinking his teeth into the appetizer.

“It’s not quite Tiger Stadium, but it’s not bad,” was the food report from the head coach, according to ESPN’s broadcast team covering the game between LSU and UCLA.

I now want Miles to sign on to be a sideline reporter for some network this upcoming college football season, solely so we can get a report on how the grass tastes in different stadiums with a natural surface. Send Les Miles around the country and let him determine which conference has the finest-tasting grass. Is it down south in the SEC or up north in the Big Ten with all of the agricultural schools managing their fields?

Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Instant ratings hit.

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