LSU football coach Les Miles’ miraculous survival act this fall was Hollywood-worthy, but now he’s heading to the screen in a different roleas a police officer. CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli writes that Miles will be making a cameo as a cop in an independent movie set in Baton Rouge:

The LSU coach has ventured into the acting world, as Miles has been tabbed to make a cameo appearance in a film currently being shot in Baton Rouge. It’s an independent film called “Camera Obscura,” and Miles will play a police officer.

He’ll even have a line of dialogue.

In the movie, the main character will witness a man fall to his death from the third story of a building, and the character will then approach the scene, which at the time will be roped off by police tape. As he approaches the scene a police officer will stop him and say, “Sir, I’m going to need you to step back.”

That officer will be Les Miles.

Will he win an Oscar for his role? Probably not, but will he deserve one? Well, considering the real Les Miles would say, “Excuse me, friend, I’m going to need you to remove your personage from this grisly scene of blood and mayhem,” instead of, “I’m going to need you to step back,” I’d say it’s the acting job of the century.

College football’s outsize personalities really would make it a great sport for producing actors, and perhaps other coaches will follow in Miles’ stead in hopes of gaining a recruiting advantage. “Jim Harbaugh is The Khakinator!” “Nick Saban co-stars with Kevin Hart in Short and Shorter!” “Reality TV star Bret Bielema in Speed 3: The No-Huddle!” We did see a bunch of coaches, including Saban, successfully pretend to be at their former schools in The Blind Side, so there is acting talent to consider here, and Miles in particular should be excellent in the movies given his penchant for remarkable dialogue and Hollywood endings. Just wait until the NCAA decides to find a reason to ban this, though.

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