Okay, be honest: how many half-court shots have you made in your entire life? I think I’ve hit fewer than ten, and not for lack of trying.

They’re not that easy, despite what Tar Heel ball kid Asher Lucas would have us believe.

Check out his run here:

Three in a row from half-court! Hopefully he quit while he was ahead.

That crowd build is fantastic. Organic stadium explosions are awesome; these people aren’t here to watch ball kids heave up shots from distance, but when greatness is in front of you, you recognize it. He gets the quiet pop, then a louder one, and then after the third a BIG one, which then builds into a louder standing ovation. All well-deserved.

(Also, a good thing that camera was pointed where it was.)

He ended up getting a shout-out from SportsCenter, even:

As well he should. That’s an awesome moment, one that I will now attempt to recreate in my driveway, to no avail. But they’re still worth practicing. You never know when you’ll get called out of the crowd for a chance at glory from half-court.

Always be prepared.

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