Do you hate Alabama more than any other team in the world? Or Ohio State? Or Notre Dame? Well, guess what, you have a new least favorite team: the Liberty Flames.

Liberty, an Evangelical Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia, has announced that it is moving up to the Football Bowl Subdivision — the highest level of college football.

Liberty might seem small and innocent, but Liberty is very, very bad. Here’s what the school has done in the past few years:

  • It also teaches the Bible in a super defensive way.
  • In an incredibly ironic turn of events, Liberty will play Baylor in its first football game of next season, just as Baylor is coming off the sexual assault scandal allowed to happen under McCaw’s watch.

This isn’t a liberal/conservative thing. Liberty is an affront to human decency, religious freedom and support for the oppressed. Falwell Jr. is too insane for the far-right publication Red State. The school proved when it hired McCaw that it will do anything to become more visible in the sports world, and that’s what this move is about.

Liberty stands for bigotry and it empowers those who hurt others. Now, you have a least favorite team that deserves that distinction.

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