There would seem to be a decent chance that you missed last night’s Louisiana Tech-Charlotte college basketball game, and if so, you missed one hell of a dunk.

Check out this IN-GAME 360 dunk from Louisiana Tech junior Jacobi Boykins:

In-game 360 dunks amaze me, for two reasons:

1. Well, they’re just so damn incredible, obviously. I mean, they’re incredible in an empty gym, and then add in five defenders on the floor, in front of a big crowd? Crazy.

2. If you blow the dunk, you’re going to drive your coach mad and there’s a good chance you’re going to be sitting on the bench for a while.

And I guess a third reason in the case of this Boykins dunk- he did it on the road at Charlotte. Miss that dunk and you’ll be hearing about it from the crowd all game (while you’re probably sitting on the bench, too).

But, Boykins didn’t miss it, and it was awesome. He also finished with 16 points in the Bulldogs’ 79-73 win over Charlotte.


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