WakeyLeaks continues to absorb the entire college football world, and just days after Louisville AD Tom Jurich scolded everyone for caring about a scandal that harmed the integrity of the sport, Jurich has suspended offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway for the Citrus Bowl as he took gameplan materials from WakeyLeaks artist Tommy Elrod.

Jurich released a statement about the suspension:

“Two days ago, I announced that our co-offensive coordinator, Lonnie Galloway, received information from Tommy Elrod of Wake Forest concerning information that belonged to Wake Forest.

Since then, we have carefully and thoroughly reviewed what took place following the receipt of information from Wake Forest on their investigation. I have also been in regular contact with the Commissioner of the ACC. Coach Petrino has been firm that on the two occasions in which he previously commented on the matter, he did not know about the information provided at that time.

It is clear to me that the information should not have been shared by anyone at Wake Forest and it should not have been received by anyone at the University of Louisville. Although no one from Louisville sought the information, once it was provided, we did not do what should have been done. The information should not have been accepted. It should have been rejected and officials at Wake Forest should have been alerted to the inappropriate action taken by Mr. Elrod.

As a result, I am suspending Coach Galloway from participation in the Citrus Bowl, effective immediately. We will also accept any actions in which Commissioner John Swofford deems appropriate.

This is an unusual situation. When someone receives information they should not be given, it is important that they do the right thing. Even in a competitive atmosphere, the right and ethical thing would have been for us to not accept the information. I regret very much that this took place.”

So everyone is free to now care about a situation you essentially said “look the other way” to, Mr. Jurich? And that Coach Petrino still had no idea that a coach on his staff was taking gameplans from the other team’s radio announcer and he couldn’t have possibly known that, which is still contradictory to what you previously said?

With every passing day, this becomes more of a Louisville scandal based on the responses from other schools that received the information from Benedict Demon Deacon. This story has far more layers to it coming, you can be sure of it.


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