Coming off an impressive win against Arkansas last Saturday, the LSU Tigers entered today with a win on their mind. Unfortunately, poor decision making turned what could have been a six-point lead into a four-point deficit.

LSU went all the way from their own 25 to the Florida 2 yard line on a long possession to start the third quarter. After failing to run the ball into the end zone, the Tigers dropped the snap on fourth down and threw the ball nowhere for a turnover on downs.

What followed was incredible.

On the first play following the botched field goal, Gators quarterback Auston Appleby threw a perfect long-field strike to Tyrie Cleveland all the way to the house, for a 98-yard touchdown. The TD was the longest pass by an opponent in Tiger Stadium history. Talk about a reverse in fortune. Florida seemed destined to be down six, but a poor snap and beautiful throw resulted in an unexpected three-point lead. Watch the beauty call from Brent Musburger.

The Tigers were understandably a bit deflated after the Gators touchdown. But, stranger things have happened. Still down just three points in the third, there’s plenty chance for LSU to regain the lead – as long as they remember how to correctly snap a ball.


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