LSU Tre Morgan great catch

LSU Tigers left fielder Tre Morgan pulled off an incredible catch Friday in an SEC Tournament game, which sounds great … except the catch should have been a fairly routine out.

Still, Morgan’s catch must be seen to be believed.

With LSU and Texas A&M tied 1-1 in the bottom of the third inning, Aggies first baseman Jack Moss hit an opposite-field line drive in Morgan’s direction.

Morgan ran back about a dozen steps to his left to track the ball. Big problem: He was running in the wrong direction.

Morgan realized his mistake, turned, stumbled, then fell down … yet he somehow caught the ball just before it hit the warning track.

As he stood up to the throw the ball back in, Morgan laughed, shaking his head.

The SEC Network broadcasters calling the game could barely contain themselves, with rapid-fire reactions to the catch, ending in chuckles at the awkwardness of the play.

“Tre Morgan twisting and turning, did he make it?”

“Oh my goodness! What a catch there by Tre Morgan!”

“Hang on there, Tre!”

“Not a ton of reps out in left field for Tre.”

“He actually slips and falls down, but athletic enough to make an unbelievable catch.”

It’s the kind of catch Morgan will tell his grandchildren about some day — leaving out the part about how he misread the ball off the bat.

LSU lost, 5-4, in the elimination game.

[SEC Network; Photo Credit: SEC Network]

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