The Arkansas marimbas took an unexpected hit Saturday.

The first half of Saturday’s LSU Tigers-Arkansas Razorbacks game didn’t have a lot of great offensive football, but it did have one rather unusual moment. Late in the second quarter, the Arkansas band formed up on the sideline to prepare for their halftime show. Then, a play saw LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire pushed out of bounds by two Razorbacks’ players…right into the band’s percussion section. Here’s video:

“Right into the marimbas! Somebody save the marimbas!” Yes, as noted by broadcasters Tom Hart and Jordan Rodgers , the instruments in question actually appear to be marimbas (which have a xylophone-like set of bars struck to produce different tones, but also have pipes under the bars to produce deeper tones) And this led to much more marimba discussion than you usually hear on a college football broadcast, which continued on the replay:

“The girl got sandwiched in there! Playing the marimba’s a full-contact sport over there!” “Attack of the marimbas!” “You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel.” They then returned to the play, but Hart had some further comments on the band a minute later when setting up their halftime performance:

“Speaking of the band, if they can get everybody back and healthy again, we’ll show you the Razorback marching band and their live performance at the half, hope everyone is okay, over on SEC Network+. …I didn’t think we were going to get a marimba mention in the game.”

I didn’t think so either, but here we are. Hopefully the Arkansas marimbist in question wasn’t hurt.


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