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There was a time not too long ago when serving alcohol in college football stadiums was a major no-no. Those days are just about over (except in Utah).

LSU is the latest school to give the booze bandwagon a push forward. Per The Advocate, the university has announced that it’s turning the 1,500-seat south end zone outdoor seating area of Tiger Stadium into an alcohol-friendly premium space.

Ticketholders in that section will be allowed to purchase beer or wine and enjoy it in the outdoor-only premium area during LSU football games this season. Dubbed The Skyline Club, it joins the south end zone Stadium Club and luxury suites as the only areas within the stadium where alcohol can be sold. That makes the Skyline Club the first area in the stadium where you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg (relatively speaking) for the privilege of downing a few cold ones. Skyline Club ticket prices will range between $45 and $120, depending on the game, and also include all-you-can-eat menus. Alcohol will cost extra.

Aramark, the concession company that you probably recognize from many other stadium and arenas around the country, will be the beer and wine provider in the stadium.

While alcohol sales aren’t frowned upon like they used to be, the SEC still prohibits alcohol sales in general seating sections, which is why LSU needed to turn the area into a premium space. Proponents of lessening or doing away with the policy say that more alcohol sales could generate revenue for the schools and cut down on pre-game drinking by fans.

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