Former Georgia and Miami head coach Mark Richt will coach again, with a brief stint as a head coach in the 2023 Polynesian Bowl.

The  Polynesian Bowl features 100 high school seniors who get the chance to play in Kunuiakea Stadium in Honolulu next January.

Richt seems to be excited about the opportunity.

“The 2023 Polynesian Bowl is going to be an amazing experience. I look forward to celebrating culture and coaching the nation’s best players in paradise,” said the former Georgia and Miami head coach.

Richt, who announced his retirement from football back in 2018, revealed last summer that he has Parkinson’s disease. Yet despite his diagnosis, Richt continues to work as an analyst with the ACC Network and moved back to Georgia last year after he made his announcement.

Richt refuses to let the disease slow him down.

“I can do almost anything, I just move slower,” Richt said. “The thing about Parkinson’s that I’m learning is when you get symptoms of slower movement, you get tremors sometimes. I’ve had a very slight tremor in the left hand. Your muscles get rigid if you don’t move and keep stretching.”

“For me, to walk, I have to really focus on walking. I could be in a chair. And if I say in my brain, get up and go, I usually get up and go. What you are doing is training your brain to handle this new responsibility.”

The game will be televised on the NFL Network.


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