On paper, you would think the No. 10 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes would head to College Park and beat up on a Maryland Terrapins team who is trying to be bowl eligible. That may still happen but Maryland running back Anthony McFarland is making sure Ohio State earns this victory.

In just the first six minutes, McFarland ran three times for 155 yards, including 81 and 75 yard touchdowns to put the Terrapins up big over the Buckeyes at the start.

McFarland’s first touchdown happened in the second play from scrimmage. After a one yard loss, McFarland busted through a massive hole for the opening touchdown.

McFarland’s second touchdown took place on his third carry of the game. They didn’t even try to set up a pass game. On first down, McFarland got the handoff from shotgun got through another big hole on the left, made a move and was gone again.

In just his first three carries, McFarland averaged 51.7 yards per carry with 155 total rushing yards. It’s still a long way to go and Ohio State certainly has the ability to easily come back and win but just in case you’re wondering, the record for most rushing yards in a college football game is 427 yards. McFarland certainly has a great start.

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