Memphis Tigers running back Jarvis Cooper recently learned a valuable lesson regarding the permanence of tattoos. Your heart may change, but your ink will not.

The junior finished second on the team with 389 rushing yards last season but decided he would transfer elsewhere for his final year of eligibility. Unfortunately for Cooper, he will have to explain why he is still repping the Tigers on his back to his new teammates.

Cooper is not the first college football player to make this mistake. In fact, his ill-timed ink pales in comparison to Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster’s predicament. The senior was originally committed to play for Auburn and was so certain of that commitment he got the school logo tattooed on his forearm. But like Cooper, Foster’s heart was easier to change than his ink, and he ended up flipping his commitment to the Tigers’ biggest rival.

Foster eventually reworked his tattoo into a tribute to his late relative, but he certainly endured his fair share of grief before that.

Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray also got a conflicting sports tattoo. The Kansas City native got a big Chiefs logo on his back while playing for one of their biggest rivals. Ray had to deal with some backlash on social media, to say the least.

Cooper has not yet announced where he is transferring, but surely Foster and Ray would recommend he get the tattoo removed, especially if he plans on joining one of Memphis’ biggest rivals.


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