The Miami Hurricanes are about to embark on their second season under head coach Mark Richt and the consensus seems to be fairly positive about their outlook in 2017. Our college football staff picked Miami to come in second place in the ACC’s Coastal Division, with a pair of first-place votes going their way. Is Miami back? We’ll see.

One thing we know for sure is that Miami will be wearing some black this season.

Yes, the Hurricanes will be wearing an all-black alternate uniform this season when they host Georgia Tech in a key division game on October 12. Ahh yes, the alternate black uniform trend continues in 2017, and here’s how Miami will look in their Adidas threads…

As you can see, Sebastian gets the glove treatment as well, although it would be more creative if Adidas worked on a design for Miami that utilized “The U” hand gesture instead of crossing the palms.

Here’s a full look at the Miami uniform, with another typical “football player screaming and flexing” pose that is standard for uniform photos these days…

We won’t bore you with all of the flashy buzzwords in the official press release about the uniforms because your eyes can do all the talking you need. Black helmets with an oversized “U” logo. Black uniform, black pants, black socks and shoes with orange trim highlighting the numbers and orange shoelaces. It’s a pretty typical all-black alternate for the sake of having an alternate black uniform. It’s pretty dumb, but it impresses high school recruits because high school kids react to uniforms like toddlers react to candy.

It should be said, the other uniforms shown off from Miami are not bad. Miami will wear an all-green uniform on September 23 against Toledo. All green still is not the look Miami should be rocking, but for one game it is still a better alternative to the all-black. The green uniforms will be worn with a white Miami helmet, thankfully.

Adidas will still be Adidas though and add that signature print design within the jersey, as you can see in the green uniform above.

What do you think about the new uniforms? We have given up the fight against the all-black alternate uniforms because resistance has become futile, but feel free to share your reactions with a comment below or on Twitter @TheComebackNCAA.

All photos are credited to Adidas/Miami Hurricanes.

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