Miami and Duke played a football game tonight, which you likely didn’t care much about despite the fact that both teams entered unbeaten. (And, hey, maybe you were super dialed in, there’s nothing wrong with that.)

Miami won in a rout, 31-6, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because Miami punter Zach Feagles managed to lose yards on a punt attempt. It’s that bad of a shank.

Let’s not prolong the festivities any further:

I can’t decide whether it’s funnier that he tried to run to the ball to down it before the ball rolled back further, or that he tried to do that and failed.

Inject that straight into my punt-hating veins. If Feagles sounds familiar, that’s because Zach’s dad Jeff was a punter in the NFL from 1988 to 2009. (Sidenote: what a fascinating career span that is. He just missed playing in the league with Walter Payton, and he ended his career having punted for the Giants team that beat the unbeaten Patriots in the Super Bowl. Those kind of things are fascinating to me, and maybe no one else, but here we are.)

Also, that punt reminded me of these Calvin and Hobbes strips, because of course it did:

Bill Watterson was truly ahead of his time.

Hopefully Feagles shakes it off and gets right back out to punting. Or, you know, teams could just not punt, especially across midfield.

[Image copyright Bill Watterson/Universal Press Syndicate]

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