Michigan University and Ohio State University has one of the most storied rivalries in college football. There’s no love lost among fans, students, and alums of these two schools.

While still a rivalry, it hasn’t been much of one on the football field recently. With Ohio State winning 17 of 19 football games dating back to 2001, Michigan hasn’t had much to cheer about. Maybe that was Rich Eisen’s motivation for making a joke at Ohio State’s expense.

Eisen, a Michigan grad who did stand up in college, took his shot at a gathering of the new Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees from this past weekend. There, he pointed out to Ohio State fans that 18 was “a number between 17 and 19.”

It wasn’t worth belly laughs and it a bit of an unexpected shot but it was a decent joke I guess. Considering Eisen was in Buckeye Country, maybe he felt compelled to make his joke. In response, some Ohio State fans have reminded Rich about their recent dominance on the football field. So maybe they actually got the last laugh.

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