Michigan Michigan’s Melina Livingston (24) makes contact with the ball in the Big Ten Softball Championship Game against Nebraska Saturday, May 14, 2022. Nebraska Uofm Softball 9

The Michigan Wolverines celebrated Easter Sunday with a walk-off win!

After they dropped the opener to the visiting Illinois Fighting Illini on Friday, Michigan rebounded with a big win on Saturday. On Sunday, the two teams met again in Ann Arbor at the newly declared Carol Hutchins Stadium.

They partook in a dramatic game that ended in extra innings. The two sides needed one additional inning to finish the game off.

Junior catcher/1st baseman Keke Tholl delivered the final, powerful blow to the Illini. She laced a fly ball into the outfield that ricocheted off the wall! Tholl made it to second base as Ellie Sieler raced around third and slid into home safely!

The victory is Michigan’s 19th of the season. Michigan softball is currently 19-15 as they look to make a significant run in April.

Michigan Athletics boasted about the win, emblazing a tweet with fire and flex emojis.

The Blasy Trooper account joked around after the victory as well. “Blasty telling @keke_tholl this game has gone on long enough. #GoBlue,” they tweeted.

The Wolverine Softball account was overjoyed, to say the least, with how the game concluded.

And Wolverines wrestling coach Sean Bormet was thrilled with how the game ended, too.

Michigan softball will return to action later this week against rival Michigan State in East Lansing.

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