Mike Norvell at Florida State.

The Florida State football program saw some interesting controversy this week, with head coach Mike Norvell saying “I went back and forth with every player this weekend” (in discussions about the killing of George Floyd in police custody and the subsequent nationwide protests) to Tashan Reed of The Athletic Tuesday but with defensive lineman Marvin Wilson calling that “a lie” early on Thursday morning, saying he only received a mass text (a statement supported by other players). After a team meeting Thursday, though, both Wilson and Norvell issued statements about moving forward.

Norvell admitted his error in using “every,” but said he did have more personal back-and-forth conversations with “many” players following his text. He added that he’s proud of Wilson for speaking up, and that he’s sorry for using the wrong words. Wilson put out a video statement of his own talking about what the team will do moving forward, from all registering to vote to doing fundraisers to help black kids attend college and help schools around Tallahassee. Here are those statements:

So it seems like this has been smoothed over, at least for the moment. But it is another reminder of the need for accuracy in comments to reporters. Norvell’s comments to Reed certainly weren’t accurate, and he’s now admitted that with “It was a mistake to use the word ‘every.'” If he’d been more careful in describing his own actions, this wouldn’t have been a controversy in the first place.

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