A former top-20 recruit is apologizing for being recorded punching a woman.

Mississippi State signee Jeffery Simmons took to Facebook to issue an apology for his part in beating a woman which was recorded on camera. The video has made it online, and shows the defensive end pummeling the woman on the ground with both hands – it’s pretty tough to watch.


He apologized to the alleged victim, Sophia Taylor, but made sure to acknowledge the reason he did it was because she allegedly made comments about his deceased nephew.

Simmons said Taylor’s alleged comments weren’t an excuse for his actions, but he’s pretty clearly using them as an excuse. There’s no reason the 6-foot-2, 235-pound athlete had to throw multiple punches at a defenseless woman, even if she made disparaging comments about his dead nephew. He’s a grown man and should know better. The fact he defaulted to violence so quickly, in a clearly public place, is concerning.

WCBI reports police know about the incident but haven’t decided yet on whether criminal action will be pursued.

 “Law enforcement is aware of the incident but so far Macon Police have not responded to calls for comment on the incident or have said if any criminal action will be taken.”

Mississipi State has yet to responded to the incident. If what’s shown on video is what it appears to be, Simmons deserves strict punishment from the school as his actions are unacceptable.

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