Sean Woods has been the men’s basketball coach at Morehead State since 2012. And he’s been suspended since November 22nd while the school conducted an investigation prompted by player complaints.

A report from Lexington’s WKYT says that he’s now facing a battery charge in Indiana stemming from an incident on November 19th, when Morehead played at the University of Evansville, when Woods allegedly battered two of his own players in the locker room and on the court during the game.

After the game, two Morehead players told an Morehead State University police officer that they had been assaulted during the game by Woods. That officer then contacted Evansville police. According to court documents, Malik Maitland told police that Woods backhanded him in the chest during halftime, causing pain. Soufiyane Diakte told police Woods shoved him twice during the game – once during a timeout and and once in the locker room.

Court officials in Vanderburgh County, Ind., have filed a misdemeanor charge of battery resulting in bodily harm against Woods.

Woods is due in court on Feb. 9. Morehead State officials have not committed on the charges.

This is the second time Woods has been suspended while at Morehead State, and his first suspension was for a similar reason, after cameras captured this physical on-court interaction with a player during Morehead’s loss at Kentucky in 2012:

It’s hard to imagine Woods coaching another game at Morehead, or indeed anywhere at all.

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but these are actually college kids. To strike a player in any way is inexcusable, and as Woods might find out, very much illegal.


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