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Caitlin Myers will never forget her wedding day. It was a Tuesday morning, rainy and overcast outside. She stood on a football field, huddled under an umbrella, across from her shorts-wearing fiance and surrounded by people she likely didn’t know that well, who whooped and hollered like they were at a sporting event. The ceremony was officiated by her partner’s boss.

So yeah, maybe it doesn’t sound like a dream wedding, but it seems to have made Myers and her fiance, Murray State defensive lineman Bishop Woods, happy enough. The couple got married this week after practice, with offensive line coach Brian Hamilton officiating. Woods did not even both to change out of his football gear.

Via ESPN, here’s how Woods and Myers’ wedding was planned:

Woods and Myers, who have been a couple since 2014 and welcomed a son, Benjamin, into the world four months ago, were tired of waiting. During the day, Woods learned that offensive line coach Brian Hamilton was an ordained minister and asked him if he would be willing to conduct a ceremony.

“When?” Hamilton asked.

“Today?” Woods replied.

“Sure, why not,” Hamilton said.

So Woods called Myers and told her the good news: He found someone who could marry them. They didn’t have to make the one-hour drive to the courthouse and could have a ceremony in front of their friends.

She was in.

At least the didn’t need to hire a planner?

Per ESPN, Woods and Myers didn’t have time to invite their families, but they didn’t seem particularly bothered by that. Hey, some people are into big festive weddings, and others prefer spontaneous ceremonies on rainy football fields. To each his/her own, right?

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