Following the altercation at the end of Sunday’s college basketball game between the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin, Wolverines coach Juwan Howard will reportedly be suspended.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reported on Monday that Howard will be suspended for the remainder of the regular season.

The incident drew some strong reactions from the college basketball world. The reactions to his suspension were varied. Several people felt the suspension was appropriate.

That was not a consensus opinion, however. Others felt that Howard’s suspension was not sufficient.

There was another group of people who didn’t agree with the suspension. Others who saw what happened felt that Howard shouldn’t be punished — at least not until Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard was also punished for his role.

Gard should also be disciplined. The incident escalated when he grabbed a clearly upset Howard in the postgame handshake line. Had that not happened, there’s very likely no altercation at all. As much as “he started it” is an argument that should be left on second grade playgrounds, that can’t be ignored.

That said, people who are expecting Gard’s discipline to match or exceed Howard’s will probably be disappointed. He escalated the incident, but Howard is the one who threw the first punch. And he did so several seconds after Gard’s contact and when multiple people were between Howard and Gard, as well as a Wisconsin assistant he hit. If Howard ever was worried about his safety, he had no reason to be when he threw his punch.

So, while Gard will likely incur some discipline, it won’t be close to what Howard got.

There is one other pending (or potentially pending) matter that lingers. Michigan and Wisconsin do not play each other again in the regular season. But a Big Ten Tournament matchup is a possibility. If that happens, Howard would be back on the sideline.

This is something people want to see.

That would indeed be appointment viewing television.

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