It’s quite impressive to completely lack self-awareness and common sense in the way the NCAA has shown but they continue to astonish us. The latest has to do with them stopping Clemson star QB Trevor Lawrence trying to do his part to help COVID-19 victims.

According to The State, Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry started a GoFundMe for victims of COVID-19 coronavirus. A noble act and gesture by two young college students setting a positive example while others their age are partying in Miami instead of self-quarantining. Instead, the NCAA saw an issue with this because of “rules that prohibit using name, image and likeness for crowd funding,” Lawrence and Mowry were forced to deactivate their GoFundMe after raising $2,670.

In an Instagram video, Mowry said, “Unfortunately Trevor cannot be a part of this anymore due to compliance and some rules, so he can’t help out anymore. And also we have to take down the GoFundMe page.” Lawrence said that the money raised will go to Meals on Wheels America and No Kid Hungry.

This isn’t the first time the NCAA has done something this stupid and it won’t be the last. If they ran a city and the city was in a drought, they would fine the fire department for using water on a burning building. Lawrence can apply for a waiver to be a part of this but given everything is shut down, it might not only take a while for him to get permission but it might be too late for many people.

Why can’t the NCAA see this GoFundMe taking place and make a common sense decision that while it goes against the rules, we’ll allow it because it’s helping many others in need. We need good news in this world, NCAA. Stop being your usual evil selves and have a heart for once.

UPDATE: The NCAA has since notified Clemson and left it to their discretion on whether or not the fundraiser can move forward while the NCAA claimed they did not ask Lawrence to take down his GoFundMe. Given the NCAA’s history of putting sanctions on some rather insane things, it’s not a surprise Clemson would think the NCAA would have an issue with raising money for charity. That still says more about the NCAA than anything.

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