Alabama didn’t win the National Championship last year, losing the title game to Clemson in the last minute, which means Nick Saban has had a terrible last eight months.

However, it also means that Saban has something to motivate his players with—an actual loss!—heading into next season. And he’s already taking advantage.

From ESPN:

“We played against a really, really good team … and we weren’t able to finish the game like we needed to,” Saban said. “There were a lot of lessons to learn, and hopefully we won’t waste a failure.”

“Won’t waste a failure” is interesting language, but it appears that’s what you get when you sign up to play for Nick Saban. That “failure” is also apparently plastered all over the Crimson Tide’s football facilities.

As over the top as all of this is, at least there’s a loss Saban has to point to for bulletin board material now, rather than having to make up his own.


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