Nick Saban

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban turned 66 on Tuesday. ESPN published an entertaining story about Saban, featuring plenty of little-known anecdotes about him.

For instance, he met his wife at a science camp in West Virginia and worked as a truck driver while getting his feet wet in the coaching world as a Kent State graduate assistant.

There’s also this amusing tale of what Saban does after a bad day. He goes home, sits down in a seemingly ordinary room in his house, and dives in to an Eagles concert.

According to former Alabama long-snapper Carson Tinker, Saban has a room in his house dedicated to them. Initially, Tinker thought it was a small pantry because it was so inconspicuous — it was long, narrow and without decorations, he said. Inside, all it had was a huge TV, a surround-sound system and a single leather recliner. “This is where I go on my bad days,” Tinker said Saban told him. “I throw on an Eagles concert and tune out.”

Stories that humanize Saban are nothing new – over the last year, we’ve learned about how he acts on a movie set (which…okay, that’s only somewhat relateable), him getting dumped in high school, and his ignorance of when the US Presidential election was last year.

Saban having a crappy day at the office and just wanting to sit alone in a small room and unwind with something you’re passionate about is something that everyone, no matter their job and no matter their passion, can relate to.


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