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The introduction of NIL into the world of college athletics has been a gamechanger, seemingly having a major impact on whether or not some student-athletes go pro and where others decide to transfer. While there’s been a bit of a “sky is falling” mentality from a lot of coaches around the way are treating the changing landscape, it’s also helped student-athletes garner some of the financial windfalls that they create on the field, rather than watching it all go to coaches, schools, and sponsors.

The NCAA has stuck its head in the sand up until now, hoping that Congress might do something on its behalf. But now, as the drumbeat has gotten louder around the way NIL is impacting where college athletes play, they’re finally ready to enact some guidelines. And, if needed, punishments.

Per SI’s Ross Dellenger, the NCAA Board of Directors has adopted NIL guidelines that clarify existing bylaws prohibiting boosters from recruiting. This will have a serious impact on the so-called collectives that have sprouted up at major universities around the country, including Ohio State, USC, and Notre Dame.

Dellenger also noted that schools with boosters who have used NIL to attract recruits and transfers will be investigated, including those deals that have already happened.

Whether or not the NCAA will have the teeth to make any impact here remains to be seen. And judging by the reaction to the news, most college sports folks don’t expect them to be able to do much.

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