As always, the Final Four is being held in a cavernous football stadium, and as always, some of the sight lines are very, very bad.

But unlike past hosts, University of Phoenix Stadium will not rent out binoculars for the national semifinal games.

It makes sense that the NCAA wouldn’t want to offer binoculars—thus calling attention to the fact that people have tickets in another county—but is sure is inconvenient for the fans up in the nosebleeds who literally can’t tell one player from another on their favorite team.

We won’t turn this into another take on how the Final Four shouldn’t be played in a football stadium because everyone who doesn’t work for the NCAA already knows that. But we will suggest that if you’re going to force fans to sit so far from the floor you should at least make life easier on them. Those people paid a lot of money to sorta-kinda watch the games.

The good news for fans in the cheap seats is that after the first semifinal game, some of the losing team’s fans usually head for the exits, so if security is light enough you can give yourself a seat upgrade and not even need those binoculars.

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