luke maye

Hey Luke Maye, you just sunk a buzzer-beating jumper to beat Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament’s Elite 8. What are going to do next?

That’s right, he’s going to… an 8 a.m. Business 101 class. And he’s sitting in the front row.

Tweets from a North Carolina student Monday morning showed UNC’s dude-at-the-local-gym-looking sophomore forward showing up to class barely 12 hours after becoming a Tar Heels hero Sunday night.

Naturally, he received a standing ovation.

This is pretty impressive, since it takes a certain amount of will-power for a college student to make it to any class at 8 a.m. on a Monday, even when he’s not hours removed from the biggest moment of his life.

We’ll forgive Maye for apparently arriving three minutes late to class, since his professor seems none too worried about it. You know you’ve done something cool when even your professors are offering you standings ovations.

Safe to say it might be a while before Maye buys another drink in the state of North Carolina.

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