Weird moments in sports happen all of the time. You’d think it would happen more often with the amount of games that are played. Own goals and other oddities happen nearly every weekend in soccer and hockey. It’s just part of the game.

Scoring on your own hoop in basketball? Well, that takes a special sort of mess up.

Khy Kabellis of North Dakota State had one of the craziest shots of the year and unfortunately for him it ended up in the wrong basket.

As Kabellis was diving out of bounds to get the ball, he used one hand to throw the ball back in bounds. What was once a hustle play turned into a mess up of epic proportions.

He ended up describing in detail how the play came to be to CBS Sports and it sounded like an honest mistake.

“I tipped the ball away to try and get a rebound. I knew there was a guy right behind me and there was guys toward the half-court on the other team, so I tried to throw it cross-court to one of my teammates. But I ended up putting a little too much air on it and the rest is history.”

His team ended up winning by a score of 81-63 against Denver so fortunately for him, it was a rout and not a close game. That would’ve been a tough pill to swallow. Now he can go and laugh off his Harlem Globetrotter-esque shot and enjoy a few days of notoriety on social media and all the sports networks.

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