When schools chose to play football in the spring, they were hoping that we will have turned a corner on COVID-19 by then. Well, that didn’t happen for a number of reasons and now these same schools are faced with the same decision they had to make six months ago.

Northern Colorado is the latest in the FCS to announce they are opting out of the spring season. In a post on their website, UNC said they would “pursue a modified non-conference schedule in late spring” and prepare to play in the fall. Pretty much, Northern Colorado is planning to do something that would look more like a traditional spring football routine. They are the fifth Big Sky school to opt out of playing spring football or planning a modified schedule.

Most FCS schools went to play in the spring. Really, just three schools played what would be considered a full schedule; Stephen F. Austin (6-3), Central Arkansas (5-4), and Eastern Kentucky (3-6). The other 124 teams either attempted to play and played a few games or ditched the fall season completely.

Even though there is hope with the implementation of COVID vaccine, positive cases have remained high throughout the country and that wasn’t expected by many of these schools. Now, over 30 teams have already modified their spring plans after believing they could play. There’s a good chance that more teams will follow suit until the season starts next month.

[UNC Bears/Photo: University of Northern Colorado]

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