The Duke Blue Devils were bounced from the NCAA Tournament in the second round by South Carolina. The surprising early exit from the tournament marked the third time in six years the Blue Devils failed to reach the second weekend of the tournament. For a program that is coming off an ACC championship and is expected to compete for national titles on a regular basis, a second-round exit is more than disappointing; it can be infuriating and painful for Duke alums like ESPN analyst Jay Bilas.

While Duke alums may be disappointed in a second-round loss, Northwestern fans and alums continue to take great pride in the recent tournament appearance by their beloved Wildcats. Northwestern won the first NCAA tournament game in program history (against Vanderbilt) before being taken out by No. 1 seed Gonzaga. One notable Northwestern alum (there are apparently a ton) is late night talk show host Seth Meyers, host of Late Night With Seth Meyers on NBC. On Monday, Meyers welcomed Bilas on as a guest of the show and thanked him for appearing with a note consoling Bilas for the Duke loss.

The note said, “Jay, As a Northwestern fan I can assure you there is no shame in Duke’s round two exit. – Seth”

It’s all a matter of perspective when it comes to evaluating how to feel about a second-round elimination from the tournament. Northwestern fans were just happy to finally be in the tournament, but Duke fans were left scratching their heads and trying to cancel their reservations for New York City this week.

During the interview, Meyers brought up the brief acting career of Bilas, complete with a shot of Bilas playing an alien in an old movie titled “I Come In Peace.” He looks pretty fierce…

If you never heard of the movie, then you are probably not alone. Fortunately, you can at least watch the trailer on YouTube (although I did not see Bilas in the clip)…

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