Notre Dame TikTok

When Notre Dame named Marcus Freeman its new coach, the 36-year-old became one of the youngest head coaches in all of college football. Unfortunately for the Fighting Irish, a young coach leading the program does not seem to have helped their team’s social media performance.

On Thursday, Notre Dame released a video on the team’s official TikTok account featuring a couple of players doing a viral trend. The trend itself is rather simple – participants dance by wiggling back and forth while swinging their arms as the ‘Fortnite Move, Do It Again’ audio plays in the background.

Notre Dame’s execution, however, was completely cringeworthy.

@ndfootballAnd thats on playing like a champion☘️

♬ original sound – Marleigh and Chris

The video has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons, with the college football world absolutely roasting the Fighting Irish with some suggesting that this video should make them even bigger underdogs in their season-opening game against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

While the dance is harmless and obviously isn’t actually going to affect the team’s on-field performance, it’s certainly going to lead to plenty of trash talk leading up to the season. And if Notre Dame does lose a game or two this season, you can fully expect fans to drag this video back up to continue the trolling.

[Notre Dame TikTok]