Okay, sometimes things are just objectively great. Matt Farrell plays point guard for Notre Dame. Notre Dame hosted Colgate on Monday night, which ordinarily is not the sort of game to garner headlines. Notre Dame is pretty good, Colgate is very bad.

And things played out pretty much like you’d expect, though Colgate actually managed to keep the margin of defeat respectable. But after the game, the Irish gathered on the court to check out a special message on the Joyce Center scoreboard. Notre Dame point guard Matt Farrell has a brother (Bo) serving in Afghanistan, and Bo’s message promised that he would see his brother soon.

As it turned out, he was telling the truth:

Here’s the full video, courtesy the team’s Twitter. Man, that hug between the Farrell brothers at the end is hard to beat:

That’s fantastic, and it’s certainly getting a bit dusty in here. Hopefully that’s a scene played out all over the country this week, whether it’s in the middle of a basketball court or in the middle of a living room.

Semi-related, here’s a video of dogs welcoming soldiers home:

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