Oakland University outfielders John Lauinger and Reggie Bussey combined for an epic home run robbery and web gem on Saturday. Photo Credit: Oakland Golden Grizzlies Baseball on Twitter/X Photo Credit: Oakland Golden Grizzlies Baseball on Twitter/X

While baseball is very much a team sport, it’s usually up to individuals to come through on their own. This is particularly true for outfielders. Given how far apart outfielders are on every pitch, it’s hard for them to combine on a great play.

Hard, but as we learned from a pair of Oakland University outfielders, not impossible.

The Golden Grizzlies hosted Northern Kentucky on Saturday. Colton Kucera led off the top of the fourth inning for the Norse and hit what looked to be a solo home run. Only, Oakland’s John Lauinger and Reggie Bussey had other ideas.

Lauinger, the left fielder tracked the ball well and leaped at the wall, trying to rob the home run. But his leap was well timed and he did rob the home run, Lauinger did not catch the ball, only managing to bring it back onto the field of play. It still looked like the ball would land on the warning track, giving Kucera and extra-base it. But Bussey, the Golden Grizzlies’ alert center fielder, stopped that from happening, diving at the ball and catching it.

Their coach, Jordon Banfield, took to Twitter/X to express how impressed he was with the play.

Banfield was not alone.

[Photo Credit: Oakland Golden Grizzlies Baseball on Twitter/X]

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