The Ohio Buckeyes are honoring a fallen adversary with a very touching gesture.

Nebraska punter Sam Foltz was killed this summer when a vehicle he was in with Michigan State punter Michael Sadler, who also died, lost control and crashed into a tree. The Nebraska Cornhuskers honored their teammate by fielding 10 men in their first football game after the accident.

With Ohio State facing off against Nebraska on Saturday, Buckeyes punter Cameron Johnston will present Foltz’ family with a Buckeyes helmet featuring 27 decals, symbolizing Foltz’s no. 27 jersey.

It’s a classy move by the Buckeyes organization to honor Foltz. The Foltz and Sadler deaths have shaken the college football world immensely. Paying respects by giving Foltz a custom decal helmet is a great gesture to show support for his family.

Sometimes, the NCAA is a messy, horrible place. But, with gestures like Ohio State’s, it’s a great way to remember the college football world is a giant family.

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