If you began watching Sunday’s College World Series game between Notre Dame and Oklahoma on the second pitch, you missed a tremendous catch from Sooners first baseman Blake Robertson.

Ryan Cole led the game off for the Fighting Irish and offered at the first pitch he saw from Oklahoma starting pitcher, Cade Horton. Cole fouled the ball off towards his own dugout. While Robertson didn’t have much room, he had just enough to catch the ball — which he did. Robertson reached out and grabbed the ball, then flipped into the Fighting Irish dugout, producing a stylish first out in the process.

While Robertson did land awkwardly, he seemed to be fine after the play.

People watching the game gave well deserved praise to the outstanding effort of the Oklahoma first baseman.

You’re rarely going to get a lot of help in front of the opposing dugout, so Robertson certainly knew that falling into the dugout was a distinct possibility. But there was an out to be made and Robertson made the most of the opportunity. With that effort, Robertson no doubt earned the appreciation of his pitcher, coach, and pretty much anyone on the Oklahoma team or cheering for the Sooners.

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