However your weekend is going so far, hopefully you can take some slight solace in knowing that it’s probably going better than Baker Mayfield’s.

The Oklahoma Sooner was arrested in Arkansas early Saturday morning on multiple charges, including public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Here are some police report details via ESPN’s Jake Trotter:

According to the preliminary police report obtained by, a police officer was flagged down to take an assault and battery report about 2:29 a.m. Saturday. The person who flagged the officer was yelling at Mayfield, who told the officer he had been trying to break up an altercation.

That’s a solid effort at covering things up, and hey, maybe Mayfield really had been trying to break up an altercation! You never know! But things got worse from there:

The officer asked Mayfield to stay so that he could take his statement, at which point Mayfield began “yelling profanities and causing a scene,” according to the report.

The report stated Mayfield had slurred speech, had difficulty walking down stairs and was covered in food on the front of his clothing.

Okay, well, it’s 2:29 AM in the Fayetville area, who doesn’t have slurred speech and food on their clothing? Things somehwo devolved further:

According to the report, when the officer asked Mayfield to come over, he began to walk away. When the officer told him to stop, Mayfield sprinted away, which forced the officer to chase him and tackle him to the ground.

The report stated that Mayfield would not place his arms behind his back, despite repeated orders from the officer to do so. Eventually, the office placed him in handcuffs and took him to the Washington County Detention Facility.

Unless that officer plays safety in the SEC, it seems unlikely that he’d have been able to run Mayfield down without a few other factors being involved. But that’s speculation! No one knows for sure!

Still, it’s not good for him. Mayfield has another year of eligibility remaining, and has finished in the top 5 of the Heisman voting the past two seasons. Because this is football, there’s already talk about what this arrest could do to his NFL Draft prospects.

And also jokes:

But, obviously, the most immediate hope is that no one was injured and that everyone is okay. Everyone knows someone who did something really dumb after drinking too much. Whether that’s enough to learn the lesson, though, is the important thing.

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