The Red River Showdown may have a new official moniker, but today’s game was certainly an old-fashioned shootout.

Oklahoma looked to have things in hand, leading 31-17 with less than five minutes to go in the contest. That’s when Texas came alive, though, scoring two late touchdowns to send the game to overtime.

That set up two very good overtimes, with both teams trading touchdowns and PAT conversions, before a third overtime that saw Oklahoma block a Texas field goal attempt.

After Oklahoma picked up a first down on their ensuing possession, it looked like they’d have a simple chip shot for the win. OU coach Lincoln Riley certainly thought so, as evidenced by his decision to kick early rather than push for a touchdown. After positioning the ball in the middle of the field, the Sooners sent out the kicking team for the win.


Gus devolving into just shouting random phrases is a true sign that something wild has happened.

That shank sent the game to a fourth overtime, and Oklahoma once again scored fairly easily, as well as converting the required two-point conversion. That meant Texas needed a score and conversion to match, but after a masterful stretch of football by Texas QB Sam Ehlinger, he finally made a mistake.

Some Texas fans took it harder than others:

What a fantastic game.

Considering how well Texas had been rolling, it’s arguable that coach Tom Herman should have just gone for two and the win at the end of the game, but for neutral fans, it was a blessing he didn’t. We all needed that kind of fun overtime contest. That it happened in a rivalry game just made it even better.

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