Oklahoma guard Gabbi Ortiz is having a breakout season from three-point range, but she’d been slumping through six Big 12 games at only 29.4 percent. But Ortiz caught fire during Wednesday’s game at Kansas State with five threes in the first half, and the last one, a buzzer-beater as the arena’s lights went out, was by far the craziest.

You can’t see it catch nylon, but we’ll trust the official scorer here.

And no, the temporary blackout was not a result of Kansas’ state budget woes. According to The Manhattan Mercury’s Greg Woods, a Kansas State official accidentally triggered a pressure-sensitive light switch.

Props to Ortiz for following through even as the lights shut off. Who would pay for a blackout three-point contest between her and men’s team standout Trae Young to determine the best sharpshooter in the state of Oklahoma?

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