Iowa State’s 14-7 upset win over then-#4 TCU on Saturday created waves throughout the college football world. It also created waves in Ames, Iowa, where the town’s one Taco Bell was besieged by elated fans who nearly ate the restaurant out of food.

According to Iowa State Diehards, the Ames Taco Bell ran out of just about their entire menu following the win…including Mountain Dew.

DieHards confirmed on Sunday that the Taco Bell in Ames had so many customers after the win that the restaurant nearly ran out of food.

“We nearly ran out of everything,” employee Josh Michael said in a phone interview.


The restaurant confirmed that it also ran out of beans, Baja tacos and several soft drinks — including its supply of Mountain Dew.

Not the Mountain Dew! ANYTHING but the Mountain Dew!

The Cyclones, now ranked #14 in the country, will travel to Morgantown this weekend to take on West Virginia. A win over the Mountaineers wouldn’t be as earth-shattering as the win over the Horned Frogs was, but if Iowa State is able to beat West Virginia this weekend and Oklahoma State in Ames in two weeks, that one Taco Bell may want to brace itself for another horde of thrilled college kids.

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