Today’s Iowa-Wisconsin game is a classic matchup of Big Ten, no frills football. If you’re looking for a high-scoring shootout then you came to the wrong place, buddy, because this is gonna be a field position chess match filled with impressive lineman, and the occasional above-average skill position player.

So far, the game has delivered. The teams were scoreless after one quarter, but exploded for 13 whole points in the second and the No. 10 Badgers led at halftime 7-6.

However, before that offensive surge, fans looking for a little excitement outside the punting and blocking exhibition would have to get creative. True Big Ten fans would say these folks don’t know what they’re missing, but those damn millennials and their short attention spans need some spice to liven things up.

Enter, this guy, doing whatever the hell this is.

I hope you enjoyed that, because this was probably the most compelling moment of the first half in Iowa City, and really the early window games as a whole.

We don’t always get the heroes we want, but we do get the ones we deserve. While everyone around him had been hypnotized by the slog down below, this guy was able to snap out of it and do his part to liven up the stadium.  Here’s to you, overall-dancing man, we appreciate your efforts even if your peers clearly don’t.

About Ben Sieck

Ben is a recent graduate of Butler University where he served as Managing Editor and Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Butler Collegian. He currently resides in Indianapolis.