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If you’ve seen the phrase “RPO” pop up recently when referring to football offense and wondered what that means, you’re not alone. The trendy way to say run-pass options have taken over broadcast booths and everyone is just about done with hearing about it already.

However, Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald gave the phrase new life on Tuesday when asked about it during a press conference. Turns out, Pat hates the RPO more than he hates the idea of his players forming a union, though he probably has the same phrase in mind for both of them.

That’s Fitzgerald referring to the RPO as the “purest form of communism,” which…what? Pat goes on to make a decent point that college football’s three-yard allowance for offensive linemen puts a defense at a disadvantage, but we’re still not sure what communism has to do with anything.

Turns out, no one else is really sure either.

A few people have pointed out that Fitzgerald might have actually meant to say “quantum physics” since he describes how strange it is that offensive lineman can be downfield, where they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. And yet, the communist line still strangely works as if you just go with the generic idea that anything communist is “anti-American,” which we all know football is the last remaining bastion of defense for.

What’s funny is the “football people” never want to talk about how the NFL is the perfect socialist model. And you know what socialism is a lot like? (Don’t tell Pat).

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