The No. 10 Penn State Nittany Lions had 3rd-and-11 turned into 4th-and-11 due to officials losing track of downs on Saturday night against No. 22 Auburn. And because of that mistake, Penn State punted, on what was — in reality — third down.

First, here’s how the sequence looked on gamecasts, and we’ll follow that up with a video breakdown:

On 1st-and-10, Penn State threw an incomplete pass downfield, and the officials added a (questionable) intentional grounding call to go with it.

That made it 2nd-and-16, and the Nittany Lions proceeded to gain five yards.

So we’re at 3rd-and-11, but the officials said it 4th-and-11. Somehow, everybody just carried on like nothing was wrong, and Penn State punted.

When the game returned from commercial break, ESPN color commentator Kirk Herbstreit correctly said, “I think [Penn State] may have punted on third down.”

That’s a rough gaffe by the officiating crew.

Here’s how James Franklin responded to it during his halftime interview:

[Photo Credit: ABC/ESPN]

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