Aaron Brooks

Over the weekend, Penn State Nittany Lions star wrestler Aaron Brooks won his third national championship. But during his celebratory interview, he caused quite a bit of controversy.

Following his NCAA title win on Saturday afternoon, Aaron Brooks conducted an interview where he attributed his athletic success to his Christian faith. However, he also made some disparaging remarks about the Islamic profit Muhammad that left many people quite offended.

“It’s everything. Christ’s resurrection is everything,” Brooks said after the match. “Not just his life, but his death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him. The Holy Spirit only through Him. No false prophets, no Muhammad or no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ himself.”

“I’m blessed. God used me. He gave me this platform for this right here,” Brooks said. “It’s all for his glory.”

While Brooks likely meant for his words to be inspiring and intended to simply share his own faith in the interview, many were angry at his comments toward the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad is the founder and primary prophet of the world religion of Islam. Referring to him as a “false prophet” was offensive to many.

Neither Brooks nor Penn State addressed his controversial comments following the match.

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