When news broke that President Trump would be attending tonight’s College Football Playoff Championship game, people immediately wondered how Trump would be received.

The President is currently not that popular, but southern states like Alabama and Georgia are probably more likely to feature a friendly audience. Trump will also reportedly be joining the Alabama radio broadcast at some point during the game.

However, the real problems began with his arrival; upon touchdown at Dobbins Air Force Base, Trump’s motorcade forced closures along I-75 heading to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which was already likely snarled with pre-game traffic.

Then, with the stadium on lockdown ahead of Trump’s arrival, many fans were forced to wait outside until the President could be ushered in; that’s unfortunate enough, but it’s also raining in Atlanta, to the point that the stadium’s roof has been leaking:

That led to this moment, captured by CNN’s Andy Scholes, of Trump’s motorcade arriving at the stadium. Fans forced to wait outside were not afraid to express their displeasure:

How much of their reaction was a result of the weather and how much a result of their overall opinion of the President is tough to discern, but either way it wasn’t a positive reception.

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