Wow, this was way too close for comfort for Notre Dame fans, and unfortunate for everyone at home who had become Princeton fans over the course of the game.

Up one late, Notre Dame missed a free throw, and Princeton took it down the court looking for the win.

Oh man, that was close. Princeton was out of timeouts, hence the fast-break situation, but what a great effort from the Tigers, who had won 19 straight games entering the NCAA tournament. Notre Dame is looking for their third straight Elite 8 appearance, and if Mike Brey’s team wasn’t ready to make that run, they must be awake now.

Also, Twitter was full of people wondering why Princeton didn’t run a backdoor set for the win, and I can’t decide if that’s funny or not. I lean toward not.

We still await the first upset of this year’s NCAA tournament, but don’t worry. It’ll happen.

Please let it be Duke.

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