The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been known for their rebellious acts for decades. Even after performing with only socks on their cocks, they may have reached a new level of savagery during a concert at Ohio State on Sunday. At the conclusion of the set, drummer Chad Smith stepped up to the microphone and belted out Michigan’s fight song “The Victors.”

That’s one way to get on the wrong side of a bunch of Ohio State students.

Earlier in the night, Smith also had his drum set light up with the Michigan logo.

Oh, no! Chad Smith, you a bad dude! HA!

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This wasn’t senseless trolling by Smith. He grew up in a northern suburb of Detroit, so naturally he’s a Michigan fan. He explained his fandom in depth to ESPN in a 2012 interview after the first time he sang “The Victors” at a concert in Columbus:

“The Michigan helmet is the coolest, still to this day, professional, college, whatever. That helmet is still the coolest. … Growing up, Michigan was definitely more popular than Michigan State. Michigan State was the stepchild there for a while, you know. It was all about the maize and blue. They hooked me early.”

Since Smith sang Michigan’s fight song the first time five years ago, the Wolverines have not won against the Buckeyes. We’ll find out in about six months if this rendition reversed the jinx.


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